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Are you considering launching a faceless YouTube channel but not too sure which direction to take?

In this article, we cover more than +40 of the best niches where faceless YouTube channels thrive. This list should help give you a good sense of the multitude of different types of faceless youtube channels out there and a good starting position.

Let’s delve into some of the most popular niches for faceless youtube channels.

Top Faceless Channel Niches:

Animation Channels

Using the power of animated visuals, these channels captivate audiences with intriguing narratives, humor, or lessons. They produce a variety of content including short animations, series, and tutorials on animation techniques. Some channels offer insights into behind-the-scenes processes, making them educational platforms for aspiring animators.

One such popular channel is Nobody Sausage, an animated sausage with the singular goal of making people laugh.

Animation channels are very popular and because they appeal to a wide and broad international audience. Many animations don’t have voiceovers, just animation sounds. Because there is no language, audiences from all around the world can enjoy them. Animations also have the ability to perform extremely well.

For example, this 14-minute animation video made by Alan Becker accumulated more than 28 million views in about one month!

One of the fastest-growing animation channels is MSA, and the channel has found success in telling extraordinary personal stories through animation.

Creating animations is easier today than ever before with new animation tools which are available and advancements in AI technology.

Within Animations are many different genres you can choose from. Such as Horror stories which is what the channel MJV Animations focuses on.

So if creating animations is something you are interested in or passionate about, this can be a highly lucrative niche for your next faceless YouTube channel.

ASMR Channels

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) channels cater to individuals who experience a unique form of sensory relaxation. Creators use a range of sounds and visual stimuli to evoke tingling sensations that can aid in relaxation, stress relief, and sleep. Content may vary from whispering and soft speaking to ambient noises and creative roleplays.

Starting an ASMR channel on YouTube offers numerous advantages due to its growing popularity and diverse content opportunities. Many viewers seek ASMR for relaxation, sleep aid, and stress relief, leading to a dedicated and returning audience.

The genre’s versatility allows creators to explore various triggers, from tapping to whispering, providing ample room for creativity. Moreover, ASMR videos, often longer in duration, present favorable monetization prospects through ads and other revenue streams. Despite the potential for high-quality equipment, the entry barrier is relatively low, with many ASMRtists beginning with basic tools.

The community is collaborative, fostering partnerships and growth, and the universal appeal of sound means a global viewership. Furthermore, ASMR content remains evergreen, attracting views over extended periods.

An example of a popular ASMR channel is Coroma Sara, a no-talking Japanese ASMR video creator focusing on tapping, scratching, brushing, ear cleaning, ear massage, and more.

This video by ASMR Zheng is entirely audio-based with a simple and compelling image. To give you an idea of how popular ASMR can be, this video was released about a month ago and has already received 1.9 million views!

If you like the impact of auditory sounds has on you and looking to express your ASMR creativity, these are excellent, evergreen channels to start and can be highly profitable.

Audio Book Channels

Transforming written words into an audiobook on YouTube is becoming very popular. Many of these channels deliver audio readings of books spanning various genres. They often include elements like sound effects or background music to amplify the immersive experience.

In recent years, the audiobook industry has witnessed a remarkable surge. Platforms like Audible have made audiobooks a preferred choice for many, especially those looking to enjoy literature during commutes, workouts, or while multitasking. Starting an audiobook channel now means tapping into this growing trend.

While audiobooks are primarily about listening, YouTube offers the chance to enhance this experience. By incorporating relevant images, animations, or even simple audio-visual synchronizations, you can provide a richer, more engaging experience for your listeners.

By focusing on specific genres or types of books, you can cater to particular audience segments. Whether it’s sci-fi, romance, or historical fiction, there’s a community on YouTube eager for such content.

These channels offer a unique way for audiences to consume literature, especially for those who prefer listening over reading. Many of these channels take popular and historical books with expired copyrights and turn them into videos.

Coding & Programming Tutorial Channels

These channels serve as a learning resource for people interested in technology, coding, and programming. They offer tutorials covering various programming languages and tech topics, showing real-time coding and explaining the process in detail. For tech enthusiasts and learners, these channels can be invaluable.

Creating a Coding and programming Tutorial Channel on YouTube can be a fantastic venture for several reasons.

As the digital age progresses, the demand for programming and coding skills continues to rise. Many individuals are looking to either start a career in tech, switch careers, or simply learn coding as a hobby. YouTube is a go-to platform for many to begin their learning journey.

The audience for coding and programming is vast and varied. From absolute beginners to seasoned professionals looking to learn a new language or framework, there’s a wide range of potential viewers.

Coding is a visual and practical skill. YouTube, being a video platform, allows creators to show real-time coding, debug sessions, and live demonstrations, making complex concepts easier to grasp.

Many foundational coding concepts don’t change rapidly. A well-made tutorial on a core programming concept can remain relevant and continue to attract viewers for years.

The world of coding is vast. Creators can choose to specialize in specific languages, frameworks, or even areas like game development, web design, or data science, catering to specific audiences.

Comedy Sketch Channels

Though the creators remain faceless, they use voiceovers to deliver comedy sketches, satirical commentary, and humorous narratives.

Some may use animation or gameplay footage to complement their comedy, providing a visually engaging experience along with their comedic script.

Conspiracy Channels

Conspiracy theories have always fascinated humans due to our innate curiosity. With platforms like YouTube, these theories reach a wider audience than ever before. They play into our skepticism of mainstream narratives and often go viral due to their shock value.

Conspiracy theories provide a sense of belonging for believers, uniting them in a community. The vast array of conspiracy topics, from UFOs to secret societies, means that creators have a wide variety of content possibilities, potentially leading to significant viewership and monetization opportunities.

The Rabbit Hole, is a channel that has grown to over 1 million subscribers in less than a year and is an example of the popularity and virality of conspiracy channels.

If you are thinking of diving into the world of conspiracy theories on YouTube, it is not without its pitfalls. It’s important not to spread misinformation and creators bear the responsibility to ensure their content is well-researched, objective, and transparent.

YouTube does have strict guidelines against the spread of harmful content, so there is a risk of demonetization or removal if you go too far or touch on certain “forbidden” topics.

Cooking and Recipe Channels

These channels offer a virtual culinary journey, showcasing diverse recipes, cooking techniques, and kitchen tips. They generally feature close-up shots of the cooking process, with a voiceover describing the steps.

The content can range from traditional recipes to experimental cuisine, making these channels a treasure trove for food lovers.

As food trends shift and global influences merge, several sub-niches within this category are experiencing growth.

Here are some of the growing niches within this niche:

  • Plant-Based and Vegan Cooking: With a growing awareness of health, environment, and animal rights, many people are turning to plant-based and vegan diets. Channels focusing on vegan recipes, meat substitutes, and dairy-free alternatives are gaining traction.
  • Keto and Low-Carb Recipes: The ketogenic diet and other low-carb diets have become popular for weight loss and health reasons. Channels dedicated to keto-friendly recipes are in demand.
  • Ethnic and Regional Cuisines: As people become more globally connected, there’s a growing interest in exploring cuisines from different parts of the world. Whether it’s Korean, Middle Eastern, African, or South American cuisine, channels showcasing authentic recipes from various cultures are on the rise.
  • Quick and Easy Recipes: In today’s fast-paced world, many are looking for quick yet delicious meal solutions. Channels offering recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes or using minimal ingredients are popular.
  • Meal Prep and Batch Cooking: For those looking to save time during the week, channels focusing on meal prepping for the entire week or batch cooking are gaining viewers.
  • Health and Superfoods: Channels that focus on nutrient-dense “superfoods” or recipes tailored for specific health benefits (e.g., immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory) are seeing growth.
  • Baking and Desserts: With the rise of shows like “The Great British Bake Off,” there’s been a renewed interest in baking. Channels specializing in desserts, pastries, and bread are always in demand.
  • Cooking for Special Diets: This includes channels dedicated to gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, or other allergen-free recipes.
  • Gourmet at Home: With many people spending more time at home recently, there’s been a trend towards making gourmet or restaurant-style dishes at home. Channels teaching these high-end cooking techniques are becoming popular.
  • Sustainable and Zero-Waste Cooking: As environmental concerns grow, many are looking for ways to reduce food waste and cook sustainably. Channels focusing on zero-waste recipes or using every part of an ingredient are on the rise.
  • Cooking with Kids: Channels that involve kids in the cooking process or focus on kid-friendly recipes are gaining popularity, especially among parents looking to engage their children in productive activities.
  • Street Food and Travel Cooking: While this combines travel with cooking, channels that explore street food from around the world or cook in unique locations are captivating audiences.

Recently there has been a surge in outdoor cooking channels by men, like wilderness cooking and Men with the Pot.

Crafts & DIY Tutorials

DIY tutorial channels rank amongst the most popular on YouTube, with some boasting subscriber counts exceeding 9 million.

These channels offer instructional videos on a broad range of topics, from arts and crafts to plumbing, electronics, or cooking. Demonstrating your crafting prowess or sharing your favorite recipes are also options.

The beauty of these tutorials is that you don’t need to show your face. Many videos merely display the hands or other body parts of the person demonstrating the process. Alternatively, you can use animations and graphics to assist viewers in understanding your instructions.

Documentary Channels

These aren’t the boring documentaries you are used to on television. There is a new breed of documentary channels and they perform very well on YouTube.

Offering deep dives into a broad spectrum of topics, these channels produce mini-documentaries that can be both educational and entertaining. They often incorporate voiceover narration, backed by visuals like footage, animations, and interviews. Topics may range from history and science to pop culture and current affairs.

Ppular documentary channels include Zach D Films and Jake Tran

Documentary channels on YouTube perform well and can be a good choice for content creators to start for several reasons:

  • Educational Value: Many people turn to YouTube to learn about various topics, and documentaries are a great way to educate and inform. This educational value creates a loyal audience that appreciates well-researched content.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Documentaries often tell a story, whether it’s about a person, an event, or a phenomenon. Stories are inherently engaging and can keep viewers hooked for longer durations.
  • High Watch Time: Due to their length and engaging nature, documentaries tend to have high watch times. YouTube’s algorithm values watch time, so channels with longer, engaging content can get promoted more, leading to increased visibility.
  • Evergreen Content: A well-produced documentary can remain relevant for years. While some topics might be time-sensitive, many documentaries cover subjects that will always be of interest. This leads to a steady stream of views over time.
  • Diverse Audience: Documentaries can appeal to a wide range of viewers, from students to professionals to general enthusiasts. This diversity can be leveraged to grow a substantial and varied subscriber base.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With longer content and a more mature audience, there are potentially higher ad revenues. Plus, if the content is niche-specific, it might attract sponsors related to the topic.
  • Authority and Credibility: A well-researched and produced documentary can establish the creator or the channel as an authority on the subject. This can lead to collaborations, speaking engagements, and other opportunities.
  • Cross-platform Promotion: Documentaries can be broken down into smaller clips or articles that can be shared on other platforms, drawing traffic back to the main channel.

If you are considering starting a documentary channel on YouTube, it’s important to be passionate about the subject matter you will be covering and willing to invest the necessary time and resources, and be prepared to engage deeply with your growing audience.

Educational & Tutoring Channels

These channels act as online classrooms, providing knowledge about various subjects, including history, science, philosophy, and literature. Using animations and graphics, they present complex ideas in an understandable and visually appealing way. They’re a perfect fusion of education and entertainment.

Online learning has gained significant popularity, with many people turning to YouTube channels for help in various subjects. You can start a YouTube channel offering tutoring services without revealing your face or identity.

Use visuals such as infographics, diagrams, and charts to explain concepts, especially those related to math or English grammar. Or, create videos offering test prep advice and tutorials on subjects ranging from elementary school to college level.

For monetization, you could offer private tutoring services or establish a subscription plan where viewers pay a monthly fee for content access. Collaboration with other educational YouTube channels for mutual promotion is also an option.

Fireplace & Campfire Channels

Fireplace YouTube channels provide viewers with the comforting visuals and sounds of crackling fireplaces, often paired with calming music or ambient sounds.

These channels resonate with a broad audience, offering a virtual escape to a cozy environment. They require minimal content maintenance, with opportunities for diverse fireplace designs and soundscapes.

The potential for monetization is significant, especially during colder seasons when viewers seek warmth and relaxation.

There are also, campfire channels immerse viewers in the ambiance of the great outdoors, with the glow of campfires set against nature’s backdrop. These channels cater to a niche of outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking therapeutic relaxation.

The content can vary from different natural settings to incorporating campfire stories or legends. Engaging with the community through these channels can lead to a loyal fanbase and unique content opportunities.

In essence, both channels tap into the calming allure of fire, offering viewers a respite from the digital hustle. With strategic content and marketing, they present a promising avenue for budding YouTubers.

A very popular channel is TheSilentWatcher with over 92 videos of relaxing videos.

Fitness and Health Channels

These channels offer workout routines, fitness tips, and health advice, enabling viewers to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of their homes. Many of these channels are animations or include short clips from famous people working out.

Funny Video Compilation

These are videos that combine multiple short clips, often humorous or amusing in nature, into one longer video. These compilations are created to entertain viewers by showcasing a series of funny moments, often from various sources.

The clips in a funny video compilation might include snippets from TV shows, movies, viral internet videos, or original content created by the compiler. They might feature funny animals, people reacting in amusing ways, unexpected events, pratfalls, or other comedic elements.

These compilations are popular on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms, as they provide a quick and engaging way to enjoy a variety of humorous content in a single viewing. They can vary in length, theme, and style, and are often curated to appeal to specific audiences or interests.

Gaming Channels

Catering to the vast community of gamers, these channels feature gameplay walkthroughs, reviews, and commentary. The creators record their gameplay and offer live or post-recorded commentary, discussing game mechanics, sharing strategies, or simply providing entertainment.

Horror Story Channels

These channels capitalize on the thrill of suspense and fear, narrating scary stories and creepy tales. The narrations are often accompanied by dark visuals or animations, enhancing the eerie atmosphere and providing a chilling experience for horror enthusiasts.


For the artistically inclined, consider creating a channel dedicated to drawing, illustration, or animation. This could range from animated short series to educational illustrations.

The best part? Viewers can appreciate the artistry without needing to see your face. A steady hand, drawing tools, and an eye for detail are all that’s needed.

Internet Mystery Channels

on YouTube refers to a channel that focuses on exploring, analyzing, and often attempting to solve various mysteries found on the internet. These channels delve into a wide range of subjects, from unsolved crimes and unexplained phenomena to hidden secrets and obscure internet lore.

Examples of topics that might be covered include the disappearance of websites, the origins of mysterious online accounts, analysis of cryptic internet puzzles, exploration of internet urban legends, and more.

Internet Mystery Channels delve into various mysteries found online, offering viewers a combination of entertainment, education, and intrigue. It’s a genre that appeals to those fascinated by the unknown and the unexplained, providing a unique way to explore the vast and often mysterious world of the internet.

A very popular internet mystery channel is Barely Sociable

Language Learning Channels

These channels are dedicated to teaching languages. They provide lessons, tips, and resources to help viewers learn and practice new languages. Instruction is usually given through voiceovers, with accompanying visuals or text on-screen to aid learning.

Lyric Video Channels

These channels present the lyrics of songs in sync with the music, often enhanced with creative visuals, animations, or kinetic typography. They offer viewers an engaging way to appreciate music while understanding the lyrics.

Meditation and Relaxation Channels

Offering a digital oasis of tranquility, these channels provide guided meditations, relaxing music, and calming visuals. Their content is designed to promote relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness, and better sleep.

Meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation have soared in popularity in recent years. YouTube channels addressing these topics are an excellent way to disseminate content without having to show your face.

You could create videos on guided meditations, yoga exercises, breathing techniques, and more. For visuals, consider custom animations, nature scenes, or compilation of stock footage.

Motivational Channels

We all need a little nudge and a reminder of our potential at times. YouTube channels focused on motivation and personal growth are ideal for those looking to share their insights without showing their face.

You can create uplifting motivational videos, post quotes or podcasts with success stories, provide advice on confidence building, and more. Videos featuring straightforward animations or graphics will help maintain viewer engagement.

Music Channels

If you have a musical talent, consider starting a YouTube channel featuring your music or covers of popular songs.

To avoid being on camera, use a karaoke-style setup or record your hands playing an instrument. To remain faceless, consider wearing a mask or disguise or creating an animated avatar – like the renowned anonymous band, the Gorillaz.

Music Production Tutorial Channels

These channels offer a glimpse into the world of music production, covering software tutorials, mixing and mastering guides, and composition tips. Using screen recordings of digital audio workstations, the creators share their music-making process, offering valuable insights for aspiring producers.

Mystery Channels

Exploring the unknown and the unexplained, these channels delve into mysteries, paranormal events, and conspiracy theories. Using compelling narratives and supporting visuals, they present intriguing theories and evidence, inviting viewers into a world of speculation and wonder.

Nature & Wildlife Channels

Bringing the wonders of the natural world to your audience. Nature and wildlife channels showcase diverse wildlife, landscapes, and ecological phenomena. Through immersive footage and informative voiceovers, they educate viewers about various species, habitats, and environmental issues.

Like this channel: Cat Trumpet 

If you like to travel and enjoy taking scenic videos this may be the right type of faceless YouTube channel to create.

However, if you don’t want to take the videos yourself, you can also purchase stock footage and use the stock footage, combined with relaxing music, like this channel:

A new and popular niche within “Nature” channels are channels that provide (stock) footage of various geographical places, like oceans, mountains, and popular tourist destinations combined with relaxing music. One such channel is the 4K Relaxation channel and their niche is African wildlife.

News Commentary Channels

Many people rely on YouTube for their news. Therefore, starting a YouTube channel featuring news coverage, celebrity gossip, industry news, or other current events can be a good idea.

You can avoid appearing on camera by using voiceovers or off-screen narration. You can also utilize guests, presenters, and animated characters to deliver the content. Since news content is highly shareable, your YouTube channel could gain momentum quickly.

These channels provide commentary and analysis on current news events. While keeping their faces hidden, the creators use voiceovers to discuss news stories, offering their perspectives, insights, and sometimes humor.

Cryptocurrency News Commentary Channels

Podcast Channels

Podcasts have seen a significant rise in popularity, with projections estimating over 160 million by 2023. Establishing a podcasting YouTube channel could be a potent way to reach potential viewers.

You’ll need to record audio, select fitting music, and perhaps incorporate some engaging animations as YouTube is primarily a visual platform. Aside from that, you can remain faceless.

Poetry & Spoken Word Channels

These channels feature readings of poetry and spoken word pieces, offering a platform for literary expression. The creators may read their own work or pieces from other poets, providing an auditory feast for lovers of language and literature.

Product Review Channels

These channels give detailed reviews of various products, from tech gadgets to makeup. Through close-up visuals and voiceover, they discuss the product’s design, performance, and value, helping viewers make informed purchasing decisions.

Technology Reviews

If you’re tech-savvy and fascinated by gadgets, a tech channel could be perfect for you. You can review everything from laptops and gaming consoles to phones and cameras, providing insights into the latest gadgets and offering purchasing recommendations.

These YouTube channels guide viewers through how various products work and how to use them optimally. They not only offer an opportunity for you to keep up-to-date with new technology but also equip viewers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchases.

Tech review channels can easily avoid face exposure by employing voiceovers or simply using your hands for demonstrations and reviews.

Quotes Channels

A “famous quotes” faceless YouTube channel is a unique type of content platform that centers on sharing renowned quotes from various sources without revealing the creator’s identity. The term “faceless” indicates that the videos do not feature the creator’s face, opting instead for methods like animations, images, or voiceovers.

A very popular quotes channel is “Quotes” with over a million subscribers.

This channel has a very basic video production style. It is minimalist and very easy to (re)create. The channel uses a deep male voiceover for the audio and text overlay for the videos – that’s it!

In fact, the video creation is so straightforward it’s likely one of the most basic video production styles I have seen out there. Its a video style almost anyone can do and wouldn’t take any time to replicate.

There are several reasons you may want to consider starting such a channel:

  • Cost and Anonymity: One of the primary advantages is the low production cost. Without the need for high-end filming equipment or studio setups, creators can focus on the content. Additionally, for those who are camera-shy or value their privacy, this format offers the benefit of anonymity.
  • Content and Audience: The timeless nature of famous quotes ensures that the content remains evergreen, attracting viewers for years. Moreover, the universal appeal of quotes means they resonate with a broad audience, from those seeking motivation to others looking for entertainment.
  • Monetization and Flexibility: As the channel grows, there are ample opportunities for monetization through various means, including ads and sponsorships. The format also offers flexibility, allowing creators to expand or pivot their content based on audience preferences or emerging trends.
  • Engagement and Collaboration: Quotes often spark emotions and reflections, leading to higher viewer engagement. This interactive nature can foster a loyal community. Furthermore, the channel format opens doors for collaborations with other creators or influencers, enriching the content further.

a “famous quotes” faceless YouTube channel offers numerous advantages and your success would hinge on presenting content in a unique and engaging manner.

Science Experiment Channels

These channels perform and explain science experiments, making learning fun and interactive. They often use household items or simple lab equipment, demonstrating the experiment while providing a voiceover explanation of the science behind it.

Speed Art and Drawing Channels

Celebrating the process of creation, these channels showcase time-lapse videos of art being made. From digital art to traditional mediums, the artists record their process and speed up the footage, sometimes adding a voiceover to explain their techniques and thought processes.

Storytime Channels

Harnessing the power of storytelling, these channels share engaging stories that can be humorous, inspirational, or thought-provoking. The creators use voiceovers to narrate the stories, often complemented by visuals or animations for a more immersive experience.

Tech Tutorial Channels

These channels offer tutorials and guides on using various tech tools, software, and platforms. Whether it’s how to use Photoshop or tips for using a new operating system, these channels make tech easier to understand through step-by-step instructions and demonstrations.

Travel & Adventure Channels

Taking viewers on a virtual journey around the world, these channels showcase different locations, cultures, and experiences. They provide first-person perspective footage, often with a voiceover narrating the journey, sharing tips, and offering insights into local cultures.

True Crime Channels

Focused on real-life crimes and mysteries, these channels narrate intriguing stories about criminal cases, investigations, and court trials. Using voiceover, images, and sometimes animation.


This is an educational channel dedicated to providing instructional content, guidance, and support in specific subjects or areas of study. These channels are often created by educators, experts, or enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and help others learn.

Unboxing & Product Testing Channels

These channels center around unboxing new products and giving initial impressions or conducting product tests. With a focus on the items, the creators remain faceless while guiding viewers through the user experience, from initial unboxing to testing the product’s features.

A popular faceless unboxing channel is The Relaxing End

Video game reviews & walkthroughs

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Why not start your own YouTube channel to review games and share walkthroughs?

This type of channel doesn’t require you to show your face, as viewers are more interested in watching the game being played. These channels can still be highly entertaining for gaming fans, even without a visible host.

When creating your channel, consider focusing on specific game genres such as role-playing, sports, or adventure. Building a niche audience of gaming enthusiasts can boost your subscriber count and viewership, potentially leading to increased earnings.

Video Tours

One of the best aspects of the internet is the ability to visit places without leaving your home. So, why not start a YouTube channel offering virtual tours of places globally, without revealing your face?

You can use photos, audio, and video clips to build an immersive experience for viewers, from museums and ancient cities to nature reserves and theme parks. Even luxury home walkthrough tours can attract viewers who love imagining what it would be like to stay in such an exquisite place. All you need are stunning visuals to bring this YouTube channel idea to life.

Voiceover Parody Channels

These channels offer humorous parodies and satires of popular culture, media, and public figures. While remaining faceless, creators use their voice talents to mimic and exaggerate for comedic effect. Visual content may range from clips of the original content to animations and still images.

One example is the channel, I Hate Everything.

Whiteboard Animation Channels

Using the engaging and explanatory power of whiteboard animation, these channels can cover a wide range of topics, from educational content to business ideas. The creator uses a time-lapse recording of a whiteboard to draw illustrations while a voiceover explains the concept, creating a unique and engaging viewing experience.

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