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Whether or not you’re aware, there’s a multitude of ways to generate income through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. Among these, YouTube stands out as the most favored platform worldwide. It appeals to those seeking to earn a modest side income as well as those aiming for substantial earnings or even millions.

YouTube channels have the potential to earn money through various monetization avenues, such as ads and sponsored posts. However, not every channel qualifies for these monetization programs. To become eligible, a YouTube channel must meet certain criteria, including a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, and 10 million short views. These prerequisites must be in place before a channel can start generating income on YouTube.

But what if there was a way to bypass these extensive requirements and begin earning from YouTube immediately? Indeed, you can simply purchase a YouTube channel that has already met all the necessary criteria. There are numerous websites offering such channels for sale, though it’s crucial to recognize that not all of them are trustworthy or worthwhile.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a YouTube Channel

Purchasing a YouTube channel is a significant investment, so understanding what to look for is crucial. Here’s a rundown of eight vital factors to consider when exploring various marketplaces:

  • Content Niche or Industry: Identify the content niche or industry you want your channel to focus on. Choose a subject that you’re passionate or knowledgeable about and are ready to create additional content for.
  • Monetization Method: Decide on the way you’d like your YouTube channel to generate revenue. Google AdSense is the most popular option among creators and marketers.
  • Number of Subscribers: Ideally, look for a channel with more than 1000 subscribers, the minimum threshold to enable monetization. Starting with a substantial base can ensure continued revenue.
  • Monthly Income: Some marketplaces disclose the typical monthly earnings of the channels they offer. While not guaranteed, this information can provide insight into a channel’s potential profitability.
  • Verified Account Status: Investigate whether the channel you’re eyeing is authentic. Some marketplaces confirm the legitimacy of YouTube accounts, while others may not.
  • Language: Verify the channel’s language before committing to purchase. If you primarily speak English, for instance, purchasing a Spanish-speaking channel might not align with your goals.
  • Number of Owners: Understanding the ownership history of a channel can reveal much about its quality. A channel that has changed hands multiple times might not be as valuable. Fewer previous owners generally indicate a more desirable purchase.
  • Channel Age: Lastly, consider the channel’s age. An established channel with some history is more likely to have a dedicated subscriber base, assisting you in further growth and success.

By carefully considering these aspects, you can better ensure that your investment in a YouTube channel will be well-placed and offer the potential for rewarding returns.

Top Sites to Buy & Sell Monetized YouTube Channels

Here is our top 5 list

Eazy Viral

Our list begins with Eazy Viral, one of our personal top picks and an outstanding place to buy a YouTube channel. Eazy Viral’s reputation as the best site isn’t just lip service; it’s backed by compelling reasons.

  • First, they offer YouTube channels devoid of any copyright claims or strikes.
  • Second, the channels are pre-enabled for monetization and are part of YouTube’s partner programs.
  • Third, there are attractive perks such as a complimentary AdSense account and free premium logo & banner design. Finally, Eazy Viral ensures quick delivery, robust support, and 100% legitimate assurance for their YouTube channels.

For those interested in purchasing monetized YouTube channels from Eazy Viral, two distinct options are available: the ‘Standard’ and ‘High-Quality Organic’ channels. Within the ‘Standard’ category, pricing is set at $249, $480, and $1100 for 1, 2, and 5 YouTube channels respectively.

On the other hand, the ‘High-Quality Organic’ channels are priced at $680, $999, and $1980. This flexibility allows you to select the right option to match your needs and budget.


Lenostube ranks as the next top destination on our list for purchasing YouTube channels. For those aiming to invest in YouTube channels that can turn into a sustainable and enduring source of income, Lenos Tube is the go-to option. When you buy a channel from Lenos Tube, it’s accompanied by a variety of benefits including custom logo design, channel art, channel intro, and end-screen features.

In addition, the channels come with 100% original videos, English voice-overs, and licensed music along with stock footage. What sets Lenos Tube apart is the fact that their YouTube channels are enhanced through genuine promotion. They ensure high retention engagements, providing channels that are 100% safe and ready for monetization.


UseViral aims to be a leader in this space, as they provide a ton of value with their monetized YouTube channel package.

The channel you receive will also come with 1000+ subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time hours, ensuring your new channel has monetization enabled.

Any stock footage or licensed music incorporated in your channel’s videos will be licensed and safe for use on the platform.

YouTube’s algorithm has grown extremely sensitive to changes in account ownership, IP addresses, and AdSense accounts.

Most sellers online will supply you with only an email address and password when you buy a monetized YouTube account.

After you log in, the new IP address will prompt a slew of warnings from Google, ranging from disabling monetization to full account suspension.

You’ll only have to wait a few days for your account to be approved and monetized with UseViral.


Trustiu’s marketplace for YouTube channels is designed with a focus on customer needs, ensuring guaranteed satisfaction, diligent customer support, secure fund transfers, and verified listings, referred to as “properties.” The platform’s search system is user-friendly and uncomplicated, enabling you to easily filter and find YouTube channels based on your specific preferences and requirements.


Frameswap operates as a no-nonsense marketplace for YouTube channels, focusing on simplicity rather than unnecessary extras.

Every listing on the platform displays essential information about the channel, such as the audience size, the inclusion of the original email associated with the YouTube account, and the duration it has been up for sale. A key highlight of Fameswap’s approach to security is its Escrow Service.

This feature ensures a smooth and safe transaction by transferring the payment from the buyer to the seller. Neither party has to disclose their payment details to the other, adding an extra layer of protection to the process.

Tips When Buying YouTube Channel

Acquiring a YouTube channel can be a complex process, given the numerous factors that must be considered.

We’ve assembled a guide to aid you in buying a YouTube account:

  1. Background Research – It’s vital to thoroughly research various websites before committing to a purchase to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Key sites to consult for reviews include Trustpilot and Sitejabber. By examining these reviews, you can ascertain whether a service is legitimate and secure to buy from.
  2. Read the Small Print – Like with any purchase, there may be terms and conditions that could influence your decision on particular packages. It’s essential to carefully read these to fully understand what you’re committing to.
  3. Safe & Secure Payment – The platforms usually display the payment methods they accept. Common options include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, with some even accepting cryptocurrency. Ensuring a secure payment method is crucial.
  4. Website Suitability – Finding the right account can be overwhelming due to the myriad of features and services offered. We recommend making a pros and cons list for each website (as we have done above) to assess and choose the correct service.

By adhering to these suggestions, you can facilitate a safe and secure process for obtaining a monetized YouTube account.

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Channels?

Buying YouTube channels is often pursued with the goal of quickly gaining followers and monetization. This approach can expedite the process of making your channel successful, possibly even leading to viral content.

For enhanced safety and control over your privacy, it may be wise to request the original email address associated with the account you’re buying. This practice can put you in a more responsible position regarding your personal information.

Some view the acquisition of entire accounts as a less risky strategy compared to buying individual likes and followers, positioning it as an effective compromise to boost your online presence.

When purchasing, it’s essential to use dependable and secure payment methods. Utilizing options like PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa can provide a more secure way to conduct online transactions.

Note that choosing reputable websites for these transactions, as recommended, may assure you that buying YouTube accounts is safe and secure.

However, it is important to emphasize that, as of my knowledge cut-off date in September 2021, purchasing YouTube accounts is likely against YouTube’s Terms of Service. Always consult the platform’s current terms and consider seeking legal advice to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Is It Legal To Buy YouTube Accounts?

Acquiring and transferring ownership of YouTube channels has been a practice for years and is deemed completely legal by many.

There’s no specific law that states that buying a YouTube channel is against the law, and this practice has been utilized by thousands of individuals.

Nevertheless, engaging in this activity comes with various advantages and disadvantages, such as the quality of customer support, the affordability of available options, and the assurance that privacy and security are prioritized.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration, but many believe it to be entirely safe and lawful to purchase YouTube channels.

In Summary:

The purchase of monetized YouTube channels has become standard practice, particularly within public buy-and-sell marketplaces.

Joining the YouTube Partner program might be an achievement, but growing beyond that point can prove even more challenging.

The services outlined in this article could be your gateway to securing the ideal YouTube channel that meets your needs.

While there’s a cost associated with buying monetized YouTube channels, the investment can be justified by the significant amount of time you stand to save in the long term. It’s a strategic move that many consider well worth the expenditure.

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